Children's Museum's 2017 Countdown to Noon, Lee Robinson & ISKA (Kenny Garrett) Happy People

Children Museum of Pittsburgh, popular "family friendly" New Year's Eve Event Countdown To Noon. Performance by Lee Robinson & ISKA featuring: Lee Robinson on Saxophones Justin Vorpe on Drums Eli Naragon on Bass Chris Potter on Keyboards

Lee Robinson & Iska Concert; Jazz Stars at Riverview Park 7- 30 - 2016

Lee Robinson & Iska Performing (Freddie Hubbard's, Little Sunflower) Jazz Stars at Riverview Park Concert. Lee Robinson - Saxophones Ben Brosche - Keyboards Aidan Epstein - Bass John Korpiel - Drums

Lee Robinson & Iska (Anita Bakers, Sweet Love) Jazz Stars at Riverview Performance; 7-30-2016

Lee Robinson & Iska Concert; Jazz Stars at Riverview Park, 7-30-2016 Lee Robinson - Saxophones John Korpiel - Drums Aidan Epstein - Bass Ben Brosche - Keyboards

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Lee Robinson & ISKA Stars at Riverview Grazin in the Grass

"Grazin in the Grass" June 24, 2017 Lee Robinson (Saxophones) Eli Naragon (Bass) Chris Potter (Keyboards) John Korpiel (Drums)

Lee Robinson & ISKA Performance at Hugh 50 Birthday Concert James Brown's Sticky

Lee Robinson (Saxophones) Ben Brosche (Keyboards) John Korpiel (Drums) Eli Naragon (Bass)

Deutschtown Music Festival 2017 @ Arnold's Tea House

2017 Deutschtown Music Festival featuring: Lee Robinson - Saxophones Justin Vorp - Drums Chris Potter - Keyboards Eli Naragon - Bass

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