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MOTIF - Lee Robinson & ISKA

Recorded Live Shadyside PA, Upstairs At The Balcony

  1. Song For My Father

  2. Motif

  3. Little Sunflower

  4. Patagonia

  5. My One And Only Love

  6. All Blues

  7. Iska Theme

Quiet Storm Live - Lee Robinson and UnSpunt Orkestra

Lee Robinson- Saxophones, Joe DeFazio - Keyboards, Richard Gartner - Drums

  1. HA

  2. Ankyo

  3. On The Line

  4. Ou?

  5. Trio

  6. Spiritual

  7. Baghdad

  8. mmm...

  9. Anode

  10. Emergency

Isaiah's Longing - Rhea Harmsen & Lee Robinson

Awesome poems influenced by Maya Angelou, Robert Frost and Rumi, with a touch of women poets from the romantic era. What a heavenly distillation! Add improvisational jazz and current topics and you have a perfect recipe for meditation.










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