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Lee Robinson, Musician, Saxophonist and Composer

Has been an active participant on the Pittsburgh jazz scene for over 35 years.  A musical treasure deserving wider recognition.  Lee began performing at the age of 9 which set him on the path of improvisations. He concentrates his energy on playing tenor and soprano saxophones, which he considers his musical voices.

Lee has performed in several R & B show bands and jazz ensembles.  Gentle Persuasion, Band of Angels and the annual GNP Group gathering at Waynesburg University, just to name a few. 


In 1979, ISKA becomes the first jazz quartet lead by Lee.  They went on to record a live session at The Balcony in 1987 entitled "Motif"  In the early 80's Lee began using the jazz duo (saxophone and piano) format of performing as an extension of his duo idea Robinson formed the duo I/O in 1997 with Ravish Momin, a percussionist.  I/O performed in Japan, Toronto, Ontario, and The Distillery Jazz Festival 2004 in Toronto.  In 2001, Lee formed the improvising ensemble called the Unspunt Orkestra with Richard Gartner (drummer) and Roger Day (tubist) to open an art show.  This group was expanded to include and keyboard and bass.  A live trio of The UnSpunt Orkestra was produced and recorded in 2003  As a saxophone soloist, Lee's work has opened concerts for Ernst Reilseger, cello, Kaliparush Maurice McIntyre Group, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and The Sabir Matten Quintet.  As a music/artist experimenter, Lee has collaborated with poets, actors, visual artists and a computer programmer for a variety of exciting projects.  He appears as a street saxophonist in the movie The Cemetery Club.  His original music appears on the PBS documentary "JOBS: A WAY OUT".

More recent Lee's performance projects have included interactive digital images, improvised music and midi controlled sound called "TIME EXPANSIONS"


Lee Robinson has been blending his improvisation with different styles of music for years.  His performances have given a generation of listeners a broader appreciation for music.  Along with his amazing talented group "ISKA", they provide powerful performances that transport their listeners on a multi-dimensional musical journey through jazz styles of, contemporary funk, classical and original compositions.  



NAIMA (J. Coltrane) - Lee Robinson & ISKA
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